Paying It Forward?

So my friend Elena sent me an email about a month ago…

I’ve inspired the SJSU Writing Project peeps to sponsor a few youth writing days. Of course, to get this going, I’ve been volunteered to work with the students. I’m leading a writers’ workshop for students grades 5 – 10 on Sat morning, Nov 13. I’m going to be leading them in a couple of hours of writing exercises, but I was wondering if you’d like to come by for an informal 25 minute Q and A so that the students can ask you how you got started, how you keep up with writing, how you get inspired, etc?

Obviously I agreed.

I’m actually really excited about this. I’ve never done something in the context of being a For-Reals-Reals Writer. Meaning I’m pretty nervous, too. My plan is to reward good questions with candy. Then at the end I will reward everyone who showed up with candy. This is mostly because Halloween was recent and I still have a lot of candy to offload.

Candy should distract from any ineptitude.

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