Omegathon Update: The Games List

The game list for the Omegathon has been announced, and I’m pretty excited:

Round 1: Geometry Wars 2
Round 2: Kerplunk
Round 3: Tony Hawk HD
Round 4: Dance Central 3
Round 5: Bananagrams

I hope that even if we’re knocked out, we still get to play these games. Like a “losers table” or something. I’m totally okay playing at a losers table.

Upon the announcement that I was to be an Omeganaut at the Omegathon at PAX 2012, I was suddenly flooded with training-game suggestions. It became incredibly hard to keep track of what games people were recommending (many of which were actually on my to-play list, as tragically long as it is, thanks master’s degree, thanks book). So I created an anybody-can-edit google doc (now read-only) and… well…

Well, these are my friends.

I present for your consideration, the contents of the which-games-must-I-play document. Note that what follows is no less than ten different people randomly editing a document. I’m not 100% certain who said what. So just… yeah.

Note: I had a hard time with the Batman and Pinkie Pie bullet points. You’re going to have to go to the original document to see the true madness.

List the games you think I should play before going to PAX and losing in the Omegathon!



I read that as braid pony. You’d be pro at that.

Videod Games:

  • DOTA(2)/LoL [Official Badman Likelihood 500:1, Hard to make 5man teams with 16 ‘nauts]
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Spelunky +1 (grue: I’d be VERY surprised if this wasn’t on the bill this year. It’s pointsy and hard.) (mgrinti: if they’re real jerks they may go in for deathmatch — it’s brutal)
  • Orcs Must Die
  • Serious Sam 3 (simple but intense)
  • Tribes: Ascend
  • Counter-Strike:GO
  • DoW Retribution Last Stand Mode Words
  • A Mario Kart (probably wii or 7?) (I think I’m a’ight on MK, I tend not to suck too bad at this game, also my shit is bananas)
  • Bookworm Adventures (or whatever the hell it’s called)
  • Also Peggle (Matt’s got your back on that)
  • A Tony Hawk
  • Dj Hero
  • Halo 4 (will need to be trained via one of the others) (Not always same controls tho!) (we don’t have the option of going and getting the latest build of 4, they’ll have to do) (WHY IS THIS IN COMIC SANS?) (comic sans is best everyone who knows typography knows that gosh)
  • L4D(2) (I second this one! — WW)
  • SMNC
  • Rock Band/Guitar Hero goodies. (I can land any song on Medium on any instrument, and if I know the song I can do Hard on Vocals… good enough?)(good enough for me!)
  • Rock Band Blitz
  • Tetris (son I am a motherfucker at puzzle games you gots no idea >.> ) (IS THAT A CHALLENGE?) (Is this Jen? because if this is Jen then NO IT IS NOT A CHALLENGE)(Aww booo… <3) (I'll totally challenge you to Dr Mario though ;) )(You're ON! Ps, It's been forever since I played that, so I'll lose, but that's awesome)
  • What about Just Dance? I could see them doing that. (Or Dance Central) (Oh shit) (we need to train you in the Han Solo from that stupid Star Wars game) (we do, legit we do)(nightmare inducing)
  • Arm Wrestling
  • Galaga / other SHMUPs (ROBOFISH…I can dream) (mgrinti: I think any well-known bullet-hell schmupps will work well enough for practice. Bullet-hell is bullet-hell.) (Are Tower Defense games popular now? I see all them kids with their iphones playing some Tower Defense game.) (Do they ever use the Rain-Slick games? Maybe those?) (mgrinti: I second this. Rainslick 3 features a boss challenge or time attack mode or something that is for points. The game is real cheap, and pretty clever for a while)
  • Trials Evolution (you know they’ll do it to fuck with people) (mgrinti: seconded, they were all over this game for a while)
  • Burnout Crash (they talked about this forever, too)
  • Barbie Horse Adventure (YES THIS ONE)
  • What about Dwarf Fortress? ;) Minecraft Hunger Games? Minecraft Hunger Games? Is this a thing? (yes it is) (mgrinti: disagree on Dwarf Fortress, neither one’s ever gotten into it and it’d be waaay impossible to anyone to reasonably learn)
  • Angry Birds. IN SPAAAAAACE.
  • Worms 2!
  • Starcraft
  • Streetfighter vs Mortal Capcom 8
  • QWOP
  • Plants vs Zombies
  • Fruit Ninja
  • McPixel
  • What about some classic platformers and such? (Mario, Zelda, Nintendo World Championship, etc.)
  • My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic


Table Topped Games:

  • Board games too? (OH GOD I REALLY HOPE THEY DON’T DO CATAN >.<) (bwahaha DOMINION) (Okay I'd love it if they did Dominion <3 so much — Also CAH — But CAH is hard to judge) (CAH – Rando Cardrissian would be Omegathon winner)
  • Dominion
  • Ticket To Ride
  • Lord of Water Deep (They’re big on this) (mgrinti: seconded)
  • Warmachine/Hordes (they’re big on this too) (mgrinti: is it really possible to learn though? seems implausable…)
  • Pandemic/Forbidden Island
  • Oh man if they did that Mafia game that CBA played that’d be cool… (The Resistance?) (Yeah I think so, I only saw a little bit of it.) (Yeah, that was The Resistance.) (How great of a chat room is this line, btw?) (Pretty much the best ever :) ) (I love you guys.) (I LOVE LAMP.) (I’M SO LONELY.)
  • Rock’em Sock’em Robots
  • Scrabble/Monopoly/Hungry Hungry Hippos (God yes H3 (Also H3 would be a GREAT rebranding for Hungry Hungry Hippos, so edgy))

Card Games:

  • Some Table Tennis Game they made. Or something. (Paint the Line)
  • Uno
  • Skip-Bo
  • Munchkin
  • Fluxx
  • Go Fish
  • epic spell wars of the battle wizards duel at mt. skullzfyre
  • Pokemon (mgrinti: seconded, they’ve been in a pokemon mood lately because of the proxy series)
  • Bananagrams
  • Paint the Line

So, actually, we didn’t do horribly. We got three, if you’re being generous on the “A Tony Hawk” one, and on the “Definitely a dance game for sure” one.

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